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Acceptable Use Policy

Staff Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Staff Network and Computer Use Policy

Next Step computers, the network to which they are connected, and Internet connections are provided to enhance productivity, to facilitate professional communication, and to harness the resources of the Internet in the service of the education of the students of Next Step.

Next Step Computer & Network Acceptable Use Policy for Staff

I. Computer and Software:

Next Step computers will be installed and maintained ONLY by authorized staff. Only the administrator at each site designated by the building manager or principal in conjunction with Next Step electronics staff will be allowed to authorize installation or maintenance of either hardware or software on Next Step computers.

A. Next Step has an obligation to ensure that software on its computers is being used legally according to that software’s license and to ensure that any software installed do not create difficulties on the individual computer or on the Next Step network. Staff members who wish to be authorized to install a particular piece of software on their computers or who wish to have such software installed must certify that they are using the software according to license and must register the license information with the designated administrator at each site.

1.) Multiple installations of the same license number will be assumed to violate copyright unless a multiple license provision can be demonstrated.
2.) Software not related to the mission and goals of Next Step will not be installed on Next Step equipment.
3.) “Migrating” to an upgraded computer does not carry with it the right to “migrate” software to that computer unless that software is wiped clean from the original computer.

Next Step technical staff has the capacity to survey individual computers through the network, will remove programs not authorized for installation,and will report the incident to the appropriate site and Next Step administration.

B. Any password protection whether at the system level or the program level must be registered with the appropriate administrator on site. Next Step needs the ability to access its own equipment. Care must be taken to ensure that students or other unauthorized individuals can not change passwords; a screen saver, which can be password, protected SHOULD be password protected to prevent an unanticipated lockout.

C. Screen savers, sound events, wallpaper and other system additions represent Next Step as well as the individual, when found on Next Step systems. These should avoid sexually suggestive material as well as that which might reasonably be construed as being demeaning to individuals or groups. If law, custom, or common sense would indicate that material should not be displayed in the classroom or in an office, it should not be displayed on computers in the classroom or in that office.

D. No images, sounds, or media of any sort may be added to Next Step equipment or to materials produced through Next Step Equipment that violate copyright.

II. Local Area, and Internet

Electronic information services (Local, and Internet) are available to students and staff in Next Step. Next Step strongly believes in the educational value of such electronic services and recognizes their potential to support curriculum and to allow staff to efficiently provide educational services. The Next Step goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating research, innovation, communication, and business efficiency. Staff Internet access will be granted through local area networks and Next Step Internet connections. A set of expectations and understandings apply to all using Next Step network services as representatives of Next Step on the Next Step network and on the Internet through Next Step Internet gateway. These include:

A. Staff must understanding that all the rules of conduct described in Next Step Administrative Code apply during network use

B. Staff must use assigned accounts in support of the educational goals and objectives of the Next Step. Staff will not allow the use of assigned accounts by others. Staff must

1.) avoid personal use of e-mail.
2.) not use the network, e-mail system or Internet connection for personal financial gain including commercial advertising.
3.) not use the network, e-mail system, or Internet connection for political or religious advocacy or on behalf of charitable organizations.
4.) not send any message through the network, e-mail system or Internet connection under someone else’s name.
5.) not transmit, request, or receive materials inconsistent with the mission and values of Next Step.
6.) not attempt to breach network security or transmit viruses.
7.) not use the network, e-mail system, or Internet connection for sexual or other forms of harassment
8.) not mass distribute e-mail to a site without site administrative approval or mass distribute e-mail in the Next Step without the approval of the Director of IST or the Superintendency.

C. Staff must use language appropriate for a public system in all communications

D. Staff must respect the copyright and/or software licensing of material received through Next Step network, e-mail system, or Internet connection.

E. Staff must understand that there is no presumption of privacy for communications stored, sent, received, or accessed through Next Step computers, networks, e-mail system, and Internet connection and that any such material may be monitored or spot-checked to ensure compliance with Next Step policies.

F. Staff must understand that as a matter of law any document pertaining to the public business on a publicly funded system is a public record.

G. Staff must understand that the public meeting provisions of the Brown Act can not be subverted through e-mail or network conferencing.

III. Sanctions

Individuals who violate the terms of the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy for Staff will be subject to a series of sanctions through Information Systems including the installation of restrictive lock-down security on their classroom workstation and restriction or revocation of Next Step’s network, Internet, and/or e-mail privileges.

Additionally, sanctions may be applied by the Next Step Personnel Division in accordance with established discipline policies.

Revised 1/2004 (II.B.8.)

Next Step extends to staff the opportunity to post web pages in support of Next Step’s goals and objectives. Such pages must be consistent with Next Step web publishing policies.