Next Step Vocational Education

and Transition Center

An innovative program that offers a wide-array of services that will meet the unique learning, training and employment needs of young adults, age 18-27, with Autism, developmental disabilities, executive functioning disorders, and learning disabilities.


Diagnostic Evaluations

Evaluations help Next Step Employment Specialists/Counselors formulate an individualized plan of action, making recommendations regarding vocational options.

Specialized Education

We provide computer application proficiency, vocational curriculum, adult living and financial training modules, communication and social skills for the workplace.


In partnership with community businesses, clients will develop skills necessary for meaningful employment, with opportunities for advancement, not just a job.

Case Management

The service that Next Step provides are long term goals for employment. Clients are encouraged to purse and maintain employment that increases their level of financial independence and self-sufficiency. 

Job Development

Employment specialists/counselors assist individuals in searching for community employment by partnering with local businesses.

On/Off-Site Training

Employment specialists help reinforce the company’s existing protocols, in order to offer an individual the greatest opportunity for success in that position. 

Transition to Work

Next Step will collaborate with special education programs in local school districts to help students with ASD, developmental disabilities, executive functioning and learning disabilities make a successful transition into adulthood.


Our goal is your future.
Through individual as well as dynamic group activities, this program will provide:


Assessment and Evaluations

We assess our clients academically, as well as: Career exploration, communication, independency, work readiness.
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Skill Development

Our clients participate in an intensive, 6-hours per day, vocational education program. Geared to not only prepare them for a career, but prepare them for an independent, self sufficient life.
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Community Internship

Hands-on vocational training/job coaching in the clients area of interest.
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